What to Expect

Treatment begins with a phone call to our clinic at 262-284-5789. Our receptionists will obtain demographic and insurance information and obtain a brief description about your problem in order to best match you with one of our clinical staff. You may also request to speak with one of our psychotherapy staff who can respond to additional questions about treatment. After the initial appointment is scheduled, our receptionists will verify your insurance benefits and obtain prior authorization for treatment if this is necessary. We also encourage new clients to check their own benefits to insure that you understand what services are covered and whether you have any deductibles or co-payments for behavioral health services.

A thorough evaluation is completed at the beginning of treatment by a licensed psychotherapist to determine the most appropriate recommendations for treatment. Your psychotherapist will plan your care and will discuss treatment goals with you in order to establish a treatment plan.
Our psychotherapists provide treatment interventions that help you and your family learn new coping skills and ways of managing or resolving problems.

The number of treatment sessions and duration of treatment depends on the severity and chronicity of the presenting issues. Whereas some individuals and families learn to manage their problems in a relatively short amount of time, others take several months to feel stable enough that treatment is no longer needed. Finishing treatment is a mutual decision between you and your psychotherapist.

Collaborating with others Regarding your Treatment

The most effective treatment often includes the active participation of other family members in treatment.  This is especially true for children and adolescents.  We also stress the importance of collaborating with your primary care physician or other medical providers regarding your behavioral health treatment.  Other key people who may be invited into the treatment process for children include teachers and school counselors.

Comprehensive Counseling is covered by most insurance plans.
For more information, call our clinic at 262-284-5789.