Melissa Gregory, PsyD, MEd

Melissa Gregory is known by her young patients as “Dr. Missy.”  She is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with children ages 0-12 who have complex, chronic medical and mental health conditions. She utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques such as behavior modification, play therapy and psycho-education that capitalizes on each child’s innate strengths as they develop new ways to cope and negotiate relationships.

Collaborating with parents, the true experts in each child’s life, Dr. Gregory develops treatment strategies that complement the child’s level of development and unique learning needs. As well, Dr. Gregory is especially sensitive to each parents’ experience as she guides them to best support their child who has special health care and/or mental health needs.

Dr. Gregory values interdisciplinary collaboration; she works closely with physicians, education, and other professionals by coordinating care plans that can optimize treatment interventions and outcomes. Dr. Gregory’s areas of expertise are neurodevelopmental in nature and include: disabilities, atypicalities, exceptionalities and chronic conditions. Other clinical specialties include life-cycle transition, relationship change, trauma and parental guidance.

Dr. Gregory earned her doctorate degree from the University of St. Thomas; Minneapolis, Minnesota and holds dual master’s degrees in psychology from St. Mary’s University – Minneapolis and education from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Additionally, she received her Early Childhood Special Education and Regular Education teaching licenses, as well as, her Marriage and Family certificate from the University of St. Thomas.

Advanced training includes the completion of the LEAH Fellowship (Leaders for the Excellence in Adolescent Health) at the University of Minnesota where she taught and completed coursework toward her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree and provided training and clinical services at the University of Minnesota’s Medical School, Department of Pediatrics.